REX-KARA - Die Zukunft der Hautpflege - Exklusiv-Interview Dr. Wolfgang FunkDr. Dr. med. Wolfgang Funk,
Chief Physician and Owner of Clinic Dr. Kozlowski,
private clinic for plastic, aesthetic und cosmetic surgery in Munich with branches in Zurich, Graz
and Marbella.

Exclusive interview with Dr. Wolfgang Funk

RK: Dr. Funk, you are a plastic surgeon well-known and honored far across the borders, and therefore you naturally are engeged with the appearance of the human skin primarily. What do you think personnally of mechanical or rather technical cosmetics?

WF: The first impression which you get of a person is of visual kind normally. Interesting in this context is that constitution and condition of the skin play a decisive role in this process. The perception and with it even the sympathy level is governed by the appearance of the skin at about 60 percent.

As it is known, even women use this knowledge, and affect us male beings very well-directed by caring their skin notably and covering up smaller spots with make-up in case of need. With advancing age however, the limits of traditional cosmetic treatments become more and more obvious. A significant role in this process plays the consistently decreasing nutrition supply of the skin in connection with an increasing cornification and formation of wrinkles. Traditional skin care with most different care products has only a limites range of efficacy there. It combats - more or less effectively - the symptoms only, but without responding to the actual reasons, much less to treat them.

The so called technical cosmetics responds to this problem, and offers based on clinically approved treatment methods most promising approaches. By means of well-directedly applied ultrasonic waves and galvanic micro currents special cosmetic agents are inserted into the lowest skin layers through the skin surface in this process. The underlaying bio-physical functional principles of the so called sonophoresis or rather iontophoresis are applied successfully especially in the medical therapy for a long time.

RK: In your clinics you offer cosmetic treatments besides plastic surgery. Isn't this a contradiction in terms?

WF: Our purpose is to increase the general well-being of our clients by means of positive modification of the outlines of body and face. This of course is done in an invasive way primarily, thus by means of surgical interventions. At the end however, this calls for a continuative cosmetical treatment or rather after-treatment in most cases. In this connection with regard to a fundamental regeneration of the skin in our clinics we even count on mechanical cosmetics using the most modern technical gadgetry.

In many cases the well-directed cosmetic treatment may even render a surgical procedure unnecessary, or at least postpone it for a certain time. So, for example in case of increased occurance of aging wrinkles or expression lines we often suggest a pain-free cosmetical regeneration of the skin and reduction of wrinkles at first, before we use the needle or even the scalpel.

RK: Recently in the cosmetical industrie a trend to technical cosmetics becomes apparent more and more to the point of small ultrasonic and galvanic devices for home use, by means of which cosmetic agents shall be carried underneath the skin surface and thus countervailing the premature skin aging. What is your position regarding this trend, and where will it lead to in your opinion?

WF: Due to my long-time experience connected with intensive research work, I can only welcome this development from my side. Our world becomes ever faster and more bustling. What is left behind in consequence is our health and our wellness. A considerable burden is to be carried by our skin in this regard. It is not only our biggest organ, but also - quasi as outer protective shield - has the extremely important duty to defend our body effectively against all possible harmful environmental influences. Steadily increasing environmental pollution, but also growing exposure of stress and deficient body movement in combination with wrong diet afflicts our skin increasingly. The consequences are deficient perfusion and decelerated metabolism, what inevitably leads to an acceleration of skin aging connected with intensified cornification and increased wrinkle formation.

Traditional cosmetics may not offer a satisfying and enduring solution here due to the prinziple of appliance. The basic problem of all conventional cosmetic products is that where they reach the skin, it is extinct long ago. All processes which affect skin aging and wrinkle formation are happening in the deeper skin layers beneath the so called cornea however. And exactly there conventional creams cannot arrive, because would this be possible just like that, our body would be completely at the mercy of all other contaminants like for example toxins, bacteria or viruses.

According to this, besides the application via the blood or rather metabolic circulation and injections there currently is only one really efficient method to insert essential nutrients and active agents into the skin effectively, that is to say by the application of ultrasonic and galvanic devices especially designed for skin care.

So far however, this was possible only with relatively expensive machines which therefore may be located only in specialised beauty parlors or in clinics like ours. The new trend to handy gadgets affordable for everybody in combination with care products especially designed for the sonophoresis or rather iontophoresis will revolutionize the anti-aging scene from my point of view. I suppose that in a few years, like we have been experiencing in connection with the electric toothbrush or the mobile phone - both have been considered as totally needless by the general public in the beginning as is known - nobody that deals seriousely with the subject anti-aging will not come by those gedgets.

RK: Well, you offer technical cosmetic treatments with professional machines in your clinic, as already mentioned. Don't you see a certain risk at least for a part of your business model if everybody may treat oneself at home in the future?

WF: No, quite the opposite, we even support this. Our international clients for sure accept gladly the temporal and financial effort to frequent one of our clinics for a special treatment more or less regularly. However, not everybody may afford this, and even more it is not possible for anybody to frequent a beauty parlor or even a clinic just to have his skin tended efficiently.

The decisive difference of professional machines in regard to the latest home devices thereby is due to the intensity of the application basically, however, not to their efficiancy. For example, we treat problem areas like scares only temporarily for the most part, but very intensive in return. In contrary, the selftreatment at home normally is applied at considerably lower intensity, but in return may be applied even several times a day if necessary. As so often, the secret of success even in this regard doesn't lie in the strength, but in the regularity of the application with respectively low dosing.

In This connection I would like to draw on the comparison regarding the electic toothbrush. Nowadays more and more people have applied a professional dental cleaning as caries and periodontosis prophylaxis at their dentist more or less regularly. However, I didn't hear of one dentist until now, who had recommended to abstain from daily tooth care at home with the electric toothbrush to his patients therefore.

RK: Does this mean that you recommend the regular skin care with such home devices to your patients, too?

WF: No specialist acting in the beauty industry in the long run may elude the constantly increasing request of his customers striving for ideal body measurements and juvenile appearance. Especially if there arise really reasonable developments from our estimation, we last but not least therefore we almost consider it as our obligation to advise our patients respectively.

As I desposed extensively before, we consider technical cosmeics for home use as the ideal, since the only effective supplement of professional anti-aging treatments in clinics or beauty parlors.

RK: Which devices would you recommend to your clientele?

WF: We have been looking around for an appropriate home device in this new and still small market and thereby came upon the REX-KARA Premium Beauty System recently. In our opinion it offers an unique range of functions and treatment possibilities, and moreover it is quite easy to use with out pre-knowledge by means of its optimally pre-set care programs. In combination with the cosmetic products especially designed for the insertion by ultrasound and galvanic ionization this brand new anti-aging & beauty system really has convinced us.

RK: Dr. Funk, thank you for this interesting and informative interview!

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