REX-KARA Premium Beauty System - Care Program 4 - Body Forming

Program 4 - Body Forming

Skin tightening and fat reduction without liposuction.

The Body Forming Program strengthenes the skin from the inside and reduces spurious fat pads directly targeting at problem areas.

The perfusion is activated, the cell metabolism and the reduction of toxic waste products and exessive lymph is accellerated. The production of elsatin is advanced, the onnective tissue is strengthened and the fat cell volume is reduced.

The skin at arms, legs and bottom is tightened noticeably. Dints and waves (cellulite) and stretch marks are smoothed visibly.

The application is suited especially for the regular treatment of problem areas with the Corrective Effect Body Shaping Gel, which ideally has been inserted into the skin before with Program 2 - ProActive Anti-Aging.

The functional principle

Single operation of ultrasound.

Ultrasonic waves penetrate deeply into the skin and thereby reach even to the deeper laying fat tissue, where their mechanical and thermal effects activate the natural processes in the skin.

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