REX-KARA Premium Beauty System - Care Program 3 - Face Lifting

Program 3 - Face Lifting

Skin tightening and wrinkle smoothing without scalpel for a harmonious skin.

The Lifting Program tightens the skin layers and smoothes wrinkles from the inside.

The perfusion and oxygen supply is stimulated, and the generation of elastin is enhanced. The skin layers is strengthende, while the subjacent muscle fibers are loosened.

The skin gains noticeably more elasticity and resilience. Crincles and lines are smoothed visibly, dark circles and eye bags are reduced, and the décolleté is firmed up.

This application is conveniant especially for the regular skin treatment, and should be carried out with the Intensive Effect Anti-Aging & Lifting Serum or rather the Regulative Effect Purifying Serum directly after the anti-aging treatment.

The functional principle

Synchronous operation of ultrasound and infrared.

Ultrasound waves penetrate deeply into the skin layers, where their mechanical and thermal effects stimulate the natural processes in the skin.

The pulsating thermal radiation of the infrared light intensifies the thermal effect and appears calmingly on the skin at the same time.

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